Front doors

Energy-efficient, burglar-resistant and timeless in design. These are the features we look for in our front doors. What’s more, a front door is also a place where we interact and reflects the way we see life. When you select the design, colour and material for your front door, you create your very own design concept and put your own personal stamp on your Biffar door.

Apartment doors

Safety, protection and the best materials are the standards we set for our apartment entrance doors. To make sure you feel completely at home, we supply a wide range of trendy designs and decors. Your Biffar door will match your personal lifestyle as well as your individual taste.

Copper doors

One of our most exclusive products is our handcrafted copper door. Copper is a highly refined material in all kinds of ways and it has proven its worth over many decades and centuries. Our copper doors are of course also equipped with the best security system and include the same features as our other Biffar doors.

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