Our need for protection


… is deep-rooted and elementary to life. It shapes how we live and the decisions we make.

That feel-good sense of being safe and secure is one that we all crave. In addition we also need insulation from noise, cold and heat and protection for our loved ones and our property. A secure home creates a feeling of comfort and safety.

Besides the functionality of the door, it’s also a place of communication, where we meet and greet people, friends and family. A door separates, but it also unites and invites: it is the gateway between indoors and outdoors, between the private and public spheres. Biffar allows you to design your entrance for your own individual needs in form of a beautiful and welcoming front door to reflect your personality and lifestyle.

At Biffar, we aim to provide a safe home for people all around the world. Our professional and reliable consultants support you from your initial ideas right through to the fitting. We want our customers to be entirely happy and secure with our products. That’s why a Biffar door will exceed your expectations and requirements for a safe, beautiful and comfortable home.

We don’t create any door – we create YOUR door!
Safety – for life – handmade in Germany.

Biffar security features


  • Swing bolt – the strong claw

    This “strong claw” swings from the bottom up into the closing plate. Apply the handle and it takes an even more secure hold inside the doorframe.


  • Safe bolts

    Safe bolts are screwed solidly into the door with counter-plates and can withstand lateral pressure of 1.2 t. They grip deep into the frame on the hinge side and provide effective protection against huge pressure loads.


  • Safety blocking system (SBS)

    Biffar has developed an automatic mechanism for its patented safety blocking system which immediately blocks the swing bolts if the lock cylinder is manipulated or broken off.


  • Automatic lock

    When the door is closed, both the latch guard and the top and bottom swing bolts are activated. So you only need to close the door and your home is protected. The Biffar automatic lock gives you precisely this option.


  • Armoured steel plate

    The stainless steel armoured plate with counter-bearings effectively protects the cylinder against drilling and other attempts at manipulation.


  • Stainless steel closing plate

    The closing plate is the corresponding counter-bearing to the swing bolt. Together, they form a near-invincible unit. The stainless steel closing plate is 2.5mm thick and is fastened to the frame with six locking nuts.


  • KESO safety lock cylinder

    The ingenious profile of this feature makes it impossible to copy the keys. Even special tools and sophisticated methods can’t cope with this Swiss-made precision feature. Duplicate keys can be ordered directly from your Biffar consultant.


  • Biffar security glazing

    Biffar security glazing can be combined with all Biffar door designs – simply choose your security level from resistance class RC1 to RC3. We offer different kinds of insulated and laminated impact and burglar-resistand glass.


  • Latch guard

    If the door is closed but not locked, the latch guard automatically blocks the door latch and provides reliable protection. As soon as the door is closed, the latch guard is activated. Intruders cannot force the latch guard back, even using precision tools.


  • Security fitting with anchoring

    The solid core of all the protective fittings is bolted to the counter plate from the inside using 8mm stainless steel screws. It cannot be attacked mechanically or by exposing it to heat.


  • Double bearing door hinges

    These three-piece door hinges can withstand the most extreme strain. The stainless steel bolts are mounted in polyamide sockets and guarantee long-lasting functionality. The adjustable bearings make it easy to align the door for optimum fit in the masonry, even at difficult sites.


  • Safety catch

    The safety catch which was developed by Biffar protects your entrance even when the door is open. With the safety catch, you can have your door ajar and still keep your home safe while answering the door to people you don’t know.


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Über 92% positive Bewertungen



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