This “strong claw” swings from the bottom up into the closing plate. Apply the handle and it takes an even more secure hold inside the doorframe. The patented Biffar swing bolt claws deep into the stainless steel closing plate on the locking side, thereby resisting any attempts to force the door with heavy tools and guaranteeing unparalleled protection.

The basic door includes one swing bolt, one latch guard and two safe bolts as standard. For a higher level of safety, Biffar can add an extra swing bolt and 4 safe bolts (RC2/RC3).
As a result, your door is secured in the frame at 8 points to protect against pressure and forcing.

Benefits of the Biffar swing bolt:
  • Resistant to forcing with heavy tools
  • Sandwich construction using hard and viscious steel
  • Higher level of security guaranteed even during prolonged absences


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Über 92% positive Bewertungen



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